[REPORTAGE] International conference of refugees and migrants- Hambourg 2016

In August 2015 the politically active refugees from Berlin, Hannover and Hamburg together organized a nationwide Refugee Conference in Hannover. The International Conference of Refugees and Migrants on 26-28th February 2016 in Hamburg bases on this cooperation. As a self-organized conference it aims at empowering existing and developing new networks of refugees and migrants as well as creating the possibility to analyze the current situation in Germany and Europe. For three days, refugees, migrants, supporters and activists with different backgrounds will discuss, network and share their knowledge. The results of the Refugee Conference 2015 in Hannover can be found HERE.
The conference is jointly organized by
Lampedusa in Hamburg, CISPM– International Coalition of Sans-Papiers Migrants and Refugees, Voix des Migrants, Refugee Movement Berlin, Refugee Protestcamp Hannover, Refugee Bus Tour, Droits des Migrants, Asmara’s World-Refugee Support
Supported by Recht auf Stadt – never mind the papers!

In cooperation with kampnagel

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